AMAR International Charitable Foundation

The AMAR International Charitable Foundation (AMAR) was established in 1991 with the overarching goal ‘to recover and to sustain professional services in medicine, public health, education and basic need provision within refugee and other communities living under stress in war zones or in areas of civil disorder and disruption’.

Since 1991, AMAR has been working to deliver services to refugees, internally displaced persons and other under-served populations affected by human-caused and natural disasters in Iraq, Lebanon and elsewhere in the Middle East and South Asia.In working to fulfil its mission, AMAR has developed key competences in the fields of public health care and education, focusing especially on institution- and capacity-building for families, communities and professionals. AMAR focuses intensive efforts on needy and vulnerable members of the communities it serves, including infants, children, pregnant women, widows and the elderly and disabled.

AMAR works under the authority of, and in partnership with, appropriate ministries and local governorates.